Cymdeithas Madog Cwrs Cymraeg 2017

Cymdeithas Madog Presents

Cwrs Cymraeg 2017 – Cwrs Y Seintiau
July 16th – 23rd, 2017
Siena College,
Albany, NY

Dysgu Cymraeg Yn Albany
Come Learn Welsh In Albany

Cwrs Cymraeg 2017 Countdown
3 Months, 25 Days

Cymdeithas Madog invites you to join us for Cwrs y Seintiau – The Saints’ Course – our 41st annual Cwrs Cymraeg at Siena College in Albany, New York, July 16-23, 2017! Albany is within driving distance of New York City, Boston, Montreal, and the Adirondacks, to name a few. The area is also steeped in Colonial and Revolutionary War history. Registration opens this fall! So join old friends and make new ones in our week long Welsh Course for beginners and accomplished users of the language alike. We will also hold cultural activities in the evenings such as folk dancing, a quiz and pub sing-a-long, a Welsh film, and a talent night or the famous Welsh “noson lawen” and Eisteddfod. An optional course trip at mid-week will take us to surrounding sites of interest. We hope you will join us.

Cwrs Cymraeg (which simply means “Welsh Course”) emphasizes the spoken language, with classroom instruction at various levels ranging from absolute beginners to quite advanced. The teaching staff of experienced Welsh-speaking instructors is brought from Wales and North America. There are approximately 5 hours of language class each day, supplemented by further language and culture-related activities in the afternoon. Evening events such as singing, folk dancing, Welsh-language films, and a Noson Lawen (talent night) provide additional opportunities to relax while enjoying a Welsh-language atmosphere.

Y Tiwtoriaid / The Tutors

Cymdeithas Madog prides itself in providing the best Welsh language tutors from Wales and North America. This year is no exception! Meet the saints – the Welsh language tutors –  who will be putting you through your paces on Cwrs Y Seintiau / The Saint’s Course at Seina College

Yr Eisteddfod / The Eisteddfod

One of the many highlights of Cwrs Cymraeg Cymdeithas Madog is the Friday night eisteddfod. For those not-in-the-know, the Cwrs Cymraeg eisteddfod is a literay competition where students are asked to write on a topic. Prizes are awarded for the best efforts. It’s a great opportunity to show yourself what you’ve learned during the week on Cwrs Cymraeg. The topics for the classes 1/2 and 3/4 competitions will be announced during the cwrs. This gives everyone, even complete beginners, an opportunity to give the eisteddfod a go.

In order to give those competitors in the level 5/6 a bit of a head start on their submissions, we are proud to announce that this year’s topic will be “NEWID.” So if you expect to be in level 5 or 6, start giving some thought to your masterpiece. To help you in writing your submission, here are some points to consider:

  • The entry may be in poetry or prose.
  • Though you have freedom in the length of your submission, it is common for competitors to submit pieces of between one and two full pages.
  • Keep to the topic. No matter how masterful your submission, if it is not about the topic it will not be considered.
  • In addition to the prizes offered in the other levels, the winning competitor will be awarded the Cymdeithas Madog chair.
  • Please note that submissions must be of the highest possible quality. In accordance with eisteddfod tradition, Cymdeithas Madog reserves the right to not declare a winner in this level of competition if no entry is judged to have achieved the necessary standard.

The best of luck to all eisteddfod competitors

Mid-Week Field Trip

Cwrs Cymraeg 2017 will include an optional field trip to New York State Museum and Empire State Plaza. We will leave after lunch on Wednesday and travel a short distance to the Empire State Plaza, the hub of the Capital and the Capitol. Individuals will have the opportunity to go to the Corning Tower Observation Deck. At 42 stories, the Corning Tower is the highest skyscraper between NYC and Montreal. It’s named for Erastus Corning II, who was mayor of Albany for more than 40 years, and is covered in glass and Vermont pearl marble.

The Tower on the Empire State Plaza began in 1965. At the cost of nearly 1 billion 1960’s dollars, it was at the time one of the most expensive state’s works projects in the country. It contains government offices as well as art space, both indoor and out, restaurants, and is home to the Egg, a one-of-kind performing arts space. The Plaza links the capitol with the State Museum. People can choose to tour the capitol and/or the State Museum.”

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