Welsh Society of Philadelphia Officers

Officers and Stewards

The Welsh Society is governed by a board of Officers and twelve Stewards who meet monthly. Stewards’ Meetings are open to the membership. Stewards are elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Society on or about the 1st of March (Saint David’s Day) commonly in conjunction with the February board meeting. Nominations should be made by the January meeting; any member in good standing may stand for election.

Officers and Stewards are elected during the General Meeting of The Welsh Society held on a date prior to The Annual Banquet so that the new Officers may be presented to the members there gathered. In practical terms the General Meeting is held immediately following the February meeting of The Board of Stewards.

Officers are elected for two years and may stand for re-election with no limit to the number of terms served. By tradition most Presidents do not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Stewards are elected in classes of four, and are elected every three years and may stand for re-election with no limit to the number of terms served.

Committees are formed ad hoc with the Banquet, Scholarship, and Robert Morris Award committees as standing committees reflecting the importance of these functions to The Welsh Society.

Officers 2017:

Picture - Silhouette MaleJack R. Williams, Jr.

Picture - Silhouette MaleJason R. Jones
First Vice-President

Picture - Silhouette FemaleMary Roberts Glassman
Second Vice-President

Mary Roberts Glassman is married with three grown sons, lives in Montgomery County, and is very interested in Welsh History and family geneaology. She has served on the board since 2010, and tries to attend as many Welsh events as possible.

Picture - Silhouette Male

David A. Walker, Jr.
Recording Secretary

Picture - Silhouette FemaleWynrhys Coghlan
Corresponding Secretary

Picture - Silhouette MaleThe Reverend G. Clayton Ames, III

Picture - Silhouette MalePeter Jacobs

Picture - Silhouette Male

Dr. Donald Jones Marcus

Picture - Silhouette Male

Jack R. Williams, Jr.
Music Director 

Board of Stewards:


Wynrhys Coghlan, David L. Eynon, Carol Hunt,
Lacey Hunt, Robert L.Kendal, Jr., Esq.,
Megan Lewis Phillips, Jack R. Williams, Jr.,
Dr. Alan Polson, Dr. Jean M. Roberts, Baron Roland, Marcia Steinhart,
Anne Rees Trasser, Jaye J. McNutt

Past Presidents:

David A. Walker, Jr., Charles D. Wenzel, Jack R. Williams, Jr., Gertrude Howells, Dr. Jean M. Roberts, Jack R. Williams, Jr., David J. Jones, William F. Lewis