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With a strong and distinguished Welsh population, the Welsh Society of Philadelphia continued to meet and to assist needy Welsh immigrants throughout the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

More recently, the Welsh Society has led the way among Welsh-American organizations in cultural, philanthropic, and educational programs.

The prestigious Robert Morris Award is presented annually to a distinguished Welsh-American at the Society’s St. David’s Day banquet. Recipients in recent years have included G. Mennen Williams, John L. Lewis, Benjamin Fairles and former Secretary of Transportation Drew Lewis.

Each year the Society awards one or more scholarships to students of Welsh descent entering institutions of higher learning at the Undergraduate level.

The Society also supports other Welsh related activities, among them the Society’s Gymanfa Ganu, a gathering where the ancient hymns are sung with Welsh hwyl (warmth of feeling.)

Many social and heritage events are held during the year; including cultural programs at Longwood Gardens and Pennsbury Manor. Some events are designed to promote our Welsh heritage and culture, others are purely social to strengthen the bonds within our community.


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