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The marketplace of the Welsh Society of Philadelphia


Dragon Masks

We had a spectacularly successful sale of masks and now because of popular demand we have decided to reorder Dragon Masks in the two styles shown above.  These upgraded masks have an adjustable ear loop and will sell for the regular price of  $10 per mask.  The ear loops make the mask more comfortable and are particularly helpful if wearing over another mask. Mailing and handling remains at $5 for up to 15 masks. 

Send us your order now!


John Ieuan Jones CDs

As you know we were unable to host the North American Festival of Wales in Philadelphia in September 2020 due to the Covid Pandemic. John Ieuan Jones, a Welsh baritone, had been scheduled to perform. We think it is great idea to support him by selling his CDs.

The CD contains a wonderful mixture of songs ranging from Shenandoah (sung in English and Welsh) to Italian Opera and Welsh Hymns.

John Ieuan will be singing in Philadelphia at NAFOW 2022

CDs cost $20 plus $5 mailing and handling charge.

Email orders for CD's to



Our popular red, white and green silk rosettes are also for sale at $20 each plus $5 mailing and handling. Perfect for men and women to wear on any occasion.

Email orders for Rosettes to:

We accept checks made out to WSOP, PayPal and Venmo.

Email orders for Dragonmasks, CD and Rosettes to:

If you live near Villanova you may schedule a time to pick up these items locally.

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