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The Welsh Society of Philadelphia, 1798-1839

Richard C. Allen's new book

From the back cover:

On 1 March 1798 sixty-four men assembled in Philadelphia to celebrate their Welsh heritage. After the deep divisions caused by the American Revolutionary War and the creation of the United States of America, these Welshmen (or the descendants of Welshmen) were once again determined to demonstrate their lasting commitment to Wales and its people.

Richard C. Allen's new book, The Welsh Society of Philadelphia, 1798-1839, provides access to the original records of the Welsh Society of Philadelphia from 1798 onwards. It was an organization that promoted friendship and sociability, but importantly it also fulfilled a charitable function. Members provided moral support, financial assistance and practical relief to Welsh exiles who encountered difficulties and hardship as they sought to settle in America.

Alongside the primary records, there is a detailed introductory essay which fully outlines the development of the Welsh Society of Philadelphia and its predecessor, the Society of the Sons of Ancient Britons from 1729. It charts their charitable activities and pays particular attention to its early membership, as well as their social, economic and political influence in Philadelphia – the spiritual home of Welsh exiles in America.



The Welsh Society of Philadelphia, 1798-1839

Edited by Richard C. Allen
Published 2022
ISBN 978-1-9998326-6-7 (paperback)

Price: $25 including shipping

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