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2024 Cymdeithas Madog Welsh Course

The 2024 Cymdeithas Madog summer course, Cwrs y Pedwar Llyn / The Four Lake Course, will be held at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin from 21 – 28 July. 

Cymdeithas Madog have a great Cwrs planned! The tutors this year are:  Christine McSorley, lefel 1; Tim Doughty, lefel 2; Robert Jones, lefel 3; Owen Saer, lefel 4; Mared Lewis, lefel 5; and Llinos Griffin, lefel 6.  Most of these are regular tutors at Cwrs Cymraeg, but they are delighted to welcome Mared Lewis, an author who has published novels for Welsh language learners, for the first time this year. 

The Wednesday excursion will go as a group to Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Wisconsin home and studio, where Cymdeithas Madog board member Robert Humphries has served as a docent.  Robert has kindly volunteered to lead a side visit to the Unity Chapel which Wright designed and to which he belonged.

There will be pub nights, the famous quiz led by the indomitable Robert Jones, Welsh scrabble, and extra workshops by the tutors on Welsh hymnody, writing in Welsh, and other topics of interest.  The Noson Llawen and Eisteddfod will be highlights of the week! 

Registration for Cwrs y Pedwar Llyn is now open via Eventbrite.  The cost for the week is $1300.00 for all expenses – room, board, tuition – regardless of single or double room occupancy.  The rooms are set up as suites with a central bathroom.  The excursion, as usual, is a separate optional event at $80.00, which covers bus transportation to and from Taliesin. 

Visit the Cymdeithas Madog website at


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